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Precious Seed by McKameys

Precious Seed by McKameys - Album Cover
Artist: McKameys
Product #: HR14022
Release Date: 06/19/2012
Digital Release Date: 06/19/2012
Categories: Christian
Tags: Southern gospel, Group

Full Album

Song Listing

  • 1) Bearing Precious Seed
  • 2) I Am A Vessel
  • 3) Nothing But Grace
  • 4) This Blessed Old Book
  • 5) When He Speaks
  • 6) Story Untold
  • 7) Unspoken Request
  • 8) When I Think About Heaven
  • 9) Some Morning I Shall Stand
  • 10) The Touch
  • 11) Finish Well

User contributed reviews

  1. James Givan 2012-05-28

    Once again a brilliant album. Songs with real meaning and truth.
    Bought the CD on preorder and now got four wonderful tracks we can sing.
    Your songs and singing never cease to inspire.
    Your songs go round the world.

    We live in Scotland .
    McKameys - God bless tour ministry

  2. Arvin Wynn 2012-06-15

    Truly another great cd...I plan to play the fire out of it on WAJL AM 1400 South Boston,Va.Thank you.

  3. DON ELROD 2012-08-10

    Review of Unspoken_Request
    WOW! Who knew Roger could sing and sing so well? I'm blown away. Beautiful song, beautiful message, beautifully done by this wonderful family!

  4. Rita Langland 2012-09-27

    Review of Unspoken_Request

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