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Precious Seed - Original Tracks - Connie by McKameys

Precious Seed - Original Tracks - Connie by McKameys - Album Cover
Artist: McKameys
Product #: HT14162
Release Date: 05/15/2012
Digital Release Date: 05/15/2012
Categories: Performance
Tags: Accompaniment, Soundtrack, Southern gospel, Group

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Full Album

Song Listing

  • 1) The Touch-Demo - Connie Range
  • 2) The Touch-Track Only - Connie Range
  • 3) The Touch-Track With BGVs - Connie Range
  • 4) When I Think About Heaven-Demo - Connie Range
  • 5) When I Think About Heaven-Track Only - Connie Range
  • 6) When I Think About Heaven-Track With BGVs - Connie Range
  • 7) Bearing Precious Seed-Demo - Connie Range
  • 8) Bearing Precious Seed-Track Only - Connie Range
  • 9) Bearing Precious Seed-Track With BGVs - Connie Range

User contributed reviews

  1. John L. Thompson 2012-07-03

    Can't get the lyrics to the songs if you purchase the mp3 download.

  2. Daniel J. Mount (Crossroads Staffer) 2012-07-03

    John, based on customer requests, we made downloadable lyrics available for songs in the Crossroads Soundtrack Series. At this point, we haven't seen enough demand to make them available for original artist tracks - but thanks for sharing your thoughts, and we'll keep them in mind.

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