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I Still Need Him by Mark Bishop

I Still Need Him by Mark Bishop - Album Cover
Artist: Mark Bishop
Product #: SL31162
Release Date: 05/17/2011
Digital Release Date: 05/01/2011
Categories: Christian
Tags: Soloist, Southern gospel, Singer-songwriter

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He’s hit the top of the charts. He’s won numerous awards. He’s a master storyteller who spins his yarns directly into your heart.

And this album’s debut single, “My Name is Jesus,” is already the #1 Top Add in the Singing News Radio Charts.

Mark marks his tenth year as a soloist in 2011, and he does it with the strongest collection of songs in his solo career. I Still Need Him has everything you expect from a Mark Bishop project—touching stories about the overlooked characters of life, thought-provoking songs of encouragement, and magnificent ballads.

But there’s more.

From the catchy newgrass sounds of “I’m Listening For the Call” to the James Taylor-esque sounds of “Are You Goin’ Where I’m Goin,” Mark ventures into new musical territory—with his distinctive Kentucky Bluegrass-tinged Gospel twist.

Full Album

Song Listing

  • 1) I'm Listening For The Call
  • 2) God Builds Churches With Broken People
  • 3) Job's Wife
  • 4) My Name Is Jesus
  • 5) Are You Going Where I'm Going
  • 6) I Still Need Him
  • 7) It's My Turn
  • 8) Your Easter Sunday Is On Its Way
  • 9) That's The Sound Of A House Being Built On Love
  • 10) One Drop Of Blood Became A River

User contributed reviews

  1. Gary Hill 2011-08-04

    As always, another excellent cd. Glad to see God is still feeding you the songs.

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