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Lord In the Morning by Little Roy and Lizzy Show

Lord In the Morning by Little Roy and Lizzy Show - Album Cover
Artist: Little Roy and Lizzy Show
Product #: PR14052
Release Date: 04/17/2012
Digital Release Date: 04/17/2012
Categories: Bluegrass
Tags: Vocal, Roots, Gospel, Folk, Country, Bluegrass, Americana

Full Album

Song Listing

  • 1) Lord In the Morning
  • 2) Pity Party
  • 3) There's A Light
  • 4) I'm Gonna Make It
  • 5) Wishful Thinking
  • 6) What Became of That Beautiful Picture
  • 7) Life Ain't Ever Gonna Get Me Down
  • 8) Cold, Dark Room
  • 9) The World Needs A Washin'
  • 10) He Washed My Soul
  • 11) You Can't Be A Beacon
  • 12) Flying Train

User contributed reviews

  1. hankzzzz2 2012-04-21

    FANTASTIC!!!! i bought there 3 cd's and this one is by far the BEST!!!!my foot can't stay still when hearing there bluegrass music.hope there will be more this year.i passed on the other 3 cd's to a friend who has a group named"strings of joy" here in the altoona pa area.will pass this along to them also to listen to.more more more please!!!

  2. Jim Snavely 2012-05-23

    Lawdy Lawdy It's Lizzy & illte Roy! They can down right make music. This will get played morning, noon and night on WBTX in Broadway, Virginia.

  3. Arvin Wynn 2012-05-24

    TOPS ,Just another great super cd, it has hit the air on my bluegrass program on WAJL The Bluegrass Gospel Jamboree and also my all night program. Thank you all so very much.
    Arvin Wynn WAJL am 1400 South Boston,Va.

  4. Gary Gruver 2012-07-18

    This is sure to be a GREAT addition to our library. If it's got "Little" Roy on it it's a good old fashioned "needle Dropper" ... you can drop the needle anywhere and you'll get a great song! Oh how I miss those days (NOT)!

    WWSM-AM 1510
    Annville-Cleaona, PA

  5. hankzzzz2 2012-12-24

    this coming august they will be in martinsburg pa for the pa singing convention and also on wjsm radio.they give there all when playing great bluegrass music.mark your calendars.

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