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We Will Stand Our Ground by Kingdom Heirs

We Will Stand Our Ground by Kingdom Heirs - Album Cover
Artist: Kingdom Heirs
Product #: SL31172
Release Date: 05/17/2011
Digital Release Date: 05/01/2011
Categories: Christian
Tags: Quartet, Southern gospel

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Their exquisite harmonies are as flawlessly delivered and classic as The Lettermen, as unique and visionary as the Beach Boys. The Kingdom Heirs' onstage demeanor and down-home manner appeals and attracts people, much as the Oak Ridge Boys do and the famous Statler Brothers once did.

  • I’m Not Worried About Forever. An uptempo song about Heaven, co-written by Dianne Wilkinson and Jerry Salley, kicks the project off into high gear.
  • Tell Me Why. A straight-ahead kickin’ quartet song - the project’s first radio single.
  • I’m a Brand New Man. Jeff Chapman tells the story of Zaccheus with a voice as low as Zaccheus was short . . . bass-led beauty based on Zaccheus and the change Jesus made in the man.
  • If You Give the Devil an Inch. Ageless truth wrapped in a big-band satchel.
  • Heaven Is My Goal. A new convention song featuring new tenor Jerry Martin.
  • It’s Real. A toe-tapping convention-style song penned by Squire Parsons
  • When Heaven’s Gates Swing Open Wide. Start flipping through your red-backed hymnal . . . on what page was this one, again? Well, actually, it’s not there. But Jerry Martin’s deft touch gives this brand-new convention song an authentically classic feel.
  • I’m Gonna Hit the Ground Running. A song so inspiring that it wouldn’t be hard to imagine it playing at the Pearly Gates.
  • No Bones About It. A song about the resurrection, co-written by drummer Dennis Murphy.
  • Where’s John. Haunting, left-behind theme that provides serious truth and provokes serious thought. Written from the viewpoint of someone who got left behind after the Rapture.
  • Just Preach Jesus. The old preacher puts it straight up in this straight-ahead number that will remind you why you like quartet music in the first place.
  • We Will Stand Our Ground. This power ballad challenges Christians to stand for Gospel truth.

Full Album

Song Listing

  • 1) I'm Not Worried About Forever
  • 2) Tell Me Why
  • 3) I'm A Brand New Man
  • 4) If You Give The Devil An Inch
  • 5) Heaven Is My Goal
  • 6) It's Real
  • 7) When Heavens Gates Swing Open Wide
  • 8) I'm Gonna Hit The Ground Running
  • 9) No Bones About It
  • 10) Where's John?
  • 11) Just Preach Jesus
  • 12) We Will Stand Our Ground

User contributed reviews

  1. Gary Hill 2011-05-19

    One of the best groups around. Love that sound and this one is no exception.

    Crosspoint Radio at

  2. Arvin Wynn 2011-11-05

    This entire cd is just some of the very best southern gospel I have heard in a good long while. This entire cd has been added to my show on WAJL am 1400 in South Boston ,Va.

  3. Bradley D. Lee 2012-02-26

    Another "Home Run" for the Kingdom Heirs!! Keeping to the true Southern Gospel Quartet Sound! Great Job Guys!! Brad Lee, WEIC/Gospel Sing Time Radio.

  4. DON ELROD 2012-08-27

    Review of Just_Preach_Jesus
    IMO, this should have been the first single off this CD. Classic southern gospel done up in fine fashion by the boys from Pigeon Forge!

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