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Eye Of The Storm by Isaacs

Eye Of The Storm by Isaacs - Album Cover
Artist: Isaacs
Product #: HR09162
Release Date: 05/28/2002
Digital Release Date: 05/28/2002
Categories: Bluegrass
Tags: Vocal, Traditional, Southern gospel, Roots, Progressive, Mixed group, Folk, Family group, Country, Bluegrass


Storm: n.–Rage; violent outbreak; dangerous conditions.

Eye of the Storm: n.–The calm, uninterrupted center of the storm.

“In such an unsettled world, we often find ourselves in the midst of unpredictable peril. There is, however, a place of refuge that each of us must find; a peaceful place where the light pierces the darkness–the Eye of the Storm–Jesus Christ.” —The Isaacs

America’s favorite Bluegrass Gospel family is back again with Eye Of The Storm, their highly anticipated follow up to the award winning Stand Still. Currently nominated for “Song of the Year” and “Video of the Year” by the Southern Gospel Music Association, the Isaacs once again deliver the beautiful harmonies and the excellent musicianship that they are known for.

Full Album

Song Listing

  • 1) Nothing But Good
  • 2) Walking Down The Road
  • 3) It Is Well (Elisha's Song)
  • 4) Evergreen Shore
  • 5) The Sun Will Never Set Again
  • 6) Who Will Survive The Storm
  • 7) He's Taking Care Of Me
  • 8) Levi (He's Taking Care Of Me)
  • 9) There Through It All
  • 10) Don't Let Your Light Grow Dim
  • 11) He Is Leading Me
  • 12) Why Are You Hungry
  • 13) Another Soldier Down
  • 14) Star Spangled Banner

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