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It's In The Savior's Hands by Inspirations

It's In The Savior's Hands by Inspirations - Album Cover
Artist: Inspirations
Product #: HR14112
Release Date: 06/19/2012
Digital Release Date: 06/19/2012
Categories: Christian

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Song Listing

  • 1) I'll Never Sail Alone
  • 2) Look What I'm Trading For A Mansion
  • 3) He Looked Beyond My Faults
  • 4) In The Twinkle Of An Eye
  • 5) He'll Hold My Hand
  • 6) It Won't Be Long
  • 7) It's In The Savior's Hands
  • 8) Lord, Stir The Wind
  • 9) So Simple, So Profound
  • 10) It's Shoutin' Time In Heaven

User contributed reviews

  1. Jim Snavely 2012-06-22

    While the world's message is complex and profane. The Inspirations' truth is simple and profound.
    The reason for their years of ministry is because it's in the Savior's Hands. Another ten songs of blessings. Jim Snavely, WBTX, Broadway, VA

  2. Arvin Wynn 2012-07-29

    The Inspirations ,JUST PURE GOSPEL just what the doctor would order. Thank you for another great batch of pure gospel music .....southern style.
    Arvin Wynn WAJL AM 1400 South Boston ,Va.

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