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Sing Me A Song About Jesus by Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver

Sing Me A Song About Jesus by Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver - Album Cover
Artist: Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver
Product #: MH13932
Release Date: 03/06/2012
Digital Release Date: 03/06/2012
Categories: Bluegrass
Tags: Group, Country, Bluegrass Gospel, Bluegrass, Americana, Gospel, Roots, Folk, Vocal


Sing Me a Song About Jesus is something Doyle Lawson has always done. He’s always remained true to his convictions of the importance of Gospel music in his live shows and recordings. He has taken Gospel music to the highways and the hedges all along his musical path. 

Doyle shares why: “I believe in what I am singing about! I think we need to sing more songs about Jesus. Look at the gift He gave us—LIFE EVERLASTING!”

This message is delivered by a masterful band of musicians and vocalists. The super picking in “The Rich Man” and the title track reminds us why Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver is a musical force to be reckoned with. The vocal arrangements on “I Saw Him Walk out of the Sky” and the two a cappella songs remind us why they are the seven-time IBMA Vocal Group of the Year.

Full Album

Song Listing

  • 1) Little Star
  • 2) The Rich Man
  • 3) It Took A Man Like That
  • 4) I Saw Him Walk Out Of The Sky
  • 5) Never Shall Run Dry
  • 6) The Greatest Creator
  • 7) God Can
  • 8) Be Not Afraid
  • 9) Jack Of All Trades
  • 10) Going On Home
  • 11) Sing Me A Song About Jesus

User contributed reviews

  1. Steve Leatherwood 2012-03-06

    Another great gospel project by Lawson and crew!!! Thanks, Steve & Jeremy Leatherwood 88.3FM WGWG

  2. Jim Snavely 2012-03-11

    Eleven masterpieces with more polish and shine than Doyle's boots. We'll try to wear out the cd. Thanks for The Gospel in Harmony. Jim Snavely, WBTX, Broadway, VA

  3. Arvin Wynn 2012-03-18

    It is just another super cd of great bluegrass gospel. It is always a joy when we get new music from you for we are always in for a real blessin .Arvin Wynn WAJL am 1400 South Boston ,Va.

  4. hankzzzz2 2012-04-05

    good to know the new cd is out.i became a fan about 2 years ago when i moved to altoona pa from sarasota florida,,so im glad wjsm marinsburg pa does (92.7 on fm dial, and the worlwide internet.)
    i have about 7 background cd's of doyles,and im sorry i missed you last summer when you came to our area.keep singing ,playing and recording.god enjoys your music im sure.
    hank raymond(altoona pa)

  5. hankzzzz2 2012-04-06

    town should have been spelled martinsburg pa

  6. Donna Muir 2012-10-13

    Review of I_Saw_Him_Walk_Out_Of_The_Sky
    Great song, very touching

  7. Dale Golden 2013-07-13

    You can't go wrong with Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver! Great album!
    Dale Golden's GODPRAISE - FM 90.3 KBJS Jacksonville, TX

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