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Oasis by Crist Family

Oasis by Crist Family - Album Cover
Artist: Crist Family
Product #: HR12962
Release Date: 09/21/2010
Digital Release Date: 09/21/2010
Categories: Christian
Tags: Family group, Mixed group, Southern gospel, Contemporary


The Crist Family has established a reputation as one of the most innovative groups on the Southern Gospel circuit. Oasis, their most innovative release yet, does not disappoint. From the sounds of a tender ballad to a majestic anthem to a track with an African Men's chorus, Oasis has something for everyone.

This is the group's first project with live orchestration; from the lush sounds of the opening track, He is Amazing, to the majestic new anthem penned by Jim Brady, There is a Fountain, the orchestra adds a new depth and texture to the group's sound.

Two members of the seven-person family ensemble have their first features on a Crist project. Breana Crist can be heard on the title track, and Lisa Crist takes the lead on the tender closing track, Until He Comes. Siblings Rich Crist and Tami Crist Starkel have three solos each. Jackie Crist, whose solo carried the radio hit My Heart Knows, is featured on Voice of the Father and I Love Lovin' Jesus.

The project's most unique track is, beyond question, Rhythm of Grace. An African Men's chorus kicks the song off, singing the lyric move to the rhythm of grace in Swahili. The chorus and the Crist Family alternate vocals for the remainder of the song. Rich Crist takes the lead on the song. This song is one that I believe everybody's gonna love, he said, even though it is so different.

With feet firmly rooted in the rich tradition of Gospel music, and ears tuned to the diverse influences that make their family unique, the Crist Family offers the refreshing sounds of Oasis.

Full Album

Song Listing

  • 1) He Is Amazing
  • 2) I Love Lovin' Jesus
  • 3) My Oasis
  • 4) Rhythm Of Grace
  • 5) His Strength Is Perfect
  • 6) Deeper
  • 7) Voice Of The Father
  • 8) Anyway
  • 9) I Love You Son
  • 10) There Is A Fountain
  • 11) Until He Comes

User contributed reviews

  1. Arvin Wynn 2010-10-26

    I love truly Love Lovin' Jesus ...great song and we are enjoying it. I look forward having you on my program on WAJl AM 1400, South Boston ,Va.

  2. Gary Hill 2010-11-22

    Wow! What a group and what songs. I love it.

  3. Jim Stover 2012-02-15

    Review of I Love You Son

    Poignant message, this song was the # 2 Singing News Top 10 New Release at reporting radio stations in the January 2012 reporting period!

  4. Cliff Baugus 2013-04-20

    Added "Deeper" to regular playlist with great responce. Additive tune! WKSJ Mobile/Pensacola

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